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Stinson Parkway, with its majestic trees and developing garden boulevards, is home to the Stinson Parkway Conservancy. Together, neighbors and friends work to preserve and enrich the beauty of the open space and the variety of plant life cultivated there.  Most though not all of our volunteer gardeners live in the neighborhoods surrounding the Parkway. The Conservancy […]

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Winter Watch 2018

Snow covers the parkways, but our gardens still show signs of activity. We purposely do not clear off all of the dead plants and grasses in the fall–they provide vital food and habitat for many birds. The famous Northeast turkeys strut through regularly and hopefully they will not eat all of the azalea buds that set on the bushes last fall! This past summer, the gardens on the 2200 block and 2700 matured to the point where we had to prune and split some of the perennials. The pollinator... 

❀ Summer Fades to Welcome Fall

A few leaves are turning gold on the Parkway. Ready or not a new season beckons. The Conservancy has had a productive spring and summer. Mother Earth Gardens generously donated the design services of Mary Radomsky Gaytan to plan a pollinator garden for the 2500 block. We appreciate Mother Earth Gardens’ support in establishing a public garden that is not only lovely to look at, but also provides food and shelter for bees and other pollinators. Thank you to the volunteers who helped... 

❀ 2015 and Beyond

As we look back at 2015 several things come to mind as outstanding. The flowerbed plantings are firmly established to the point volunteers no longer needed to carry water or string hoses across streets to sustain new plants. As gardeners know, the maintenance is never ending. We’ve learned that some plants may not thrive in the challenging conditions present on the medians and the weeds need periodic plucking. The good news is that the flowerbeds are now mature and attracting attention.... 

❀ Spring 2014 News

Our Beginnings: Thanks to the hard work and dedication of volunteers, the flower beds along Stinson Parkway are planted.  For those who may not know how all this came about, the following is a brief summary: In 2008, we began to take a closer look at the overall condition of Stinson Parkway, this precious green space tucked in a little corner of Northeast Minneapolis. Some of the gardens had been eliminated; a water source had long-since broken down and been shut off; trees,... 

❀ Spring/Summer 2013: Community Planting!

Community Planting Please Join Us! We will soon be adding more flowering perennials to the Stinson Parkway azalea gardens. Wednesday, June 12 6:00 – 9:00 pm on the median across from 2200 Stinson Parkway (Rain date: June 13) and Monday, June 24 6:00 – 9:00 pm on the median across from 2734 Stinson Parkway (Rain date: June 26) Bring your hand-spade or shovel and help us beautify the Parkway! Sponsored by the Stinson Parkway Conservancy in conjunction with the Minneapolis... 

❀ Mid-Winter Review 2013

  Plantings You may have noticed a flurry of activity this spring and summer in the 2200 and 2700 block median of Stinson Parkway.  Thanks to the generous contributions of donors and the hard work of volunteers, flowering perennials now enhance the two azalea gardens we planted in previous years. We began this phase last spring by hiring a certified landscape designer from Tangletown Gardens to lay out a design plan for the planting of the two perennial gardens.  In part, our... 

❀ Spring/Summer 2012

SPRING/SUMMER 2012   Spring has sprung along Stinson Parkway.  The Parkway has been aglow with  blossoms continually since early April.  The crab trees were the first to flower, followed  by redbud. The flowerbeds on the 2200 block and the 2700 block medians of the Parkway showed their stuff as well.  First the daffodils in the 2200 block flowerbed appeared, followed by azaleas in both flowerbeds.  All were especially brilliant this season.     With spring also comes...