❀ January 2012

2011 was an eventful year for the Stinson Parkway Conservancy.

With plant contributions from Bachmans leftover from the Macy’s Flower Show, the final two flower beds were opened and planted on the medians on the 2500 and 2700 blocks of Stinson Parkway.  Volunteers from the Windom Park and Audubon neighborhoods banned together to open the beds, set in the plants and water them throughout the summer months and into the fall.  This was a huge effort and a demonstration of the volunteers’ dedication and commitment. The skeletons of the flowerbeds are in place.  The Conservancy’s goal during these winter months is to develop plans to enhance the beds with plants that will provide interest, and color through out the seasons that and are as drought resistant and sustainable as possible.



Another project has been to find a remedy for the failing lights along the Parkway that have caused some safety concerns. The red conduit that appeared around the base of some of the old vapor lights is not part of an art installation.  It is the beginning of the replacement of the deteriorated underground wiring that will eventually be installed inside of new light poles and fixtures.  There were enough funds to put in some new foundations and underground wiring from New Brighton Boulevard to Lowry Avenue, but no further.  Liz Wielinski, Park Commissioner, is looking into the situation and how best to address the issue from the Park Board’s perspective.



The Stinson Parkway Conservancy has also been moving forward to find ways to inform citizens of what is happening on and around Stinson Parkway.  To this end, volunteers created this web site and a brochure during 2011.  Please let us know what you think.

Parkway News will be an ongoing feature to keep you informed of the status of projects and activities of the Conservancy.  Please register here to be notified when there are newly published updates and additional information.

We also welcome your comments.  We seek your input and participation at whatever level you feel you may be able to offer it.


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  1. More to come soon. Parkway Volunteer

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