❀ Spring/Summer 2012



Spring has sprung along Stinson Parkway.  The Parkway has been aglow with  blossoms continually since early April.  The crab trees were the first to flower, followed  by redbud. The flowerbeds on the 2200 block and the 2700 block medians of the Parkway showed their stuff as well.  First the daffodils in the 2200 block flowerbed appeared, followed by azaleas in both flowerbeds.  All were especially brilliant this season.



With spring also comes the time for planting.  The skeletal structures of the two azalea gardens have been completed on the 2200 and 2700 block medians.  The Stinson Parkway Conservancy hired Tangletown Gardens to create a final design and plan to complete the planting of the flowerbeds.  The criteria established by the Conservancy for the selection of the plants was to utilize sustainable, drought resistant perennial plants that provide colorful blooms and foliage throughout the growing season.  The selected plants are compatible with growing conditions for azaleas and complement them naturally.  The plan has been completed and we are delighted with the result.

Thanks to the generous monetary contributions of donors, we are in position to purchase some of the plants to begin planting this spring.  We will be planting 20 Denver Daisies (free from a Park Board Stewardship Program participant), 8 Hydrangea, 15 Asters, and 8 Russian Sage.



Join us Wednesday, June 13, (rain date, June 14) on the median at 2200 Stinson

6:00 to 9:00 p.m.


Monday, June 25, (rain date, June 27) on the median at 2700 Stinson

6:00 to 9:00 p.m. 

Bring a shovel, hand tools and gloves.






On May 17, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board crew planted a Leonard Messel Magnolia tree for us on the median in front of 2542 Stinson Parkway and a redbud across from 2207 Stinson.  Both trees were donated by Bachman’s from the Spring Macy’s Flower Show this year.  A big thanks to Bachman’s and to those who helped coordinate the effort to make it possible, Liz Wielinski, Park Commissioner, Gary Myhre, District Park Forester.



Watch for the flowering of the Knock Out rose bushes in the Rose Garden we planted last year on the 2500 block median of the Parkway.   They were lovely last year and they have already begun to flower.  Also, look for the Pink Double Dandy Peony in the center of the small Gateway Garden at Stinson and New Brighton Boulevard.  When donated by Bachman’s last year, we were told this is an extremely exceptional species.



The new lighting fixtures along Stinson Parkway are in the process of being replaced. The corner tall intersection lights will also be replaced soon, with a design similar to the median lights.  It will be necessary to have overhead temporary wiring for a time until the existing lights are removed and new foundations poured to accommodate the replacement light posts.  There may also be a period of time when segments of the medians will not be lighted during the process.  Plans are to have most of the project completed to Lowry Avenue by mid-June.



The rusted, beat up, traffic light at the southwest corner of the intersection of Lowry Avenue and Stinson Parkway is supposed to be cleaned up and painted by mid-June. It took a while to find out who within the City of Minneapolis maintenance structure could address the problem.  We will all be glad to finally see it happen.



Bachman’s, Bremer Bank, D-Rock, The Home Depot, and Linder’s.



We welcome volunteers to participate in the maintenance and beautification of Stinson Parkway, this small jewel of green space in Northeast Minneapolis. Volunteers are needed for planting, weeding, watering, and administrative tasks. We are interested in your comments and suggestions.


Lois Kelly, President

Stinson Parkway Conservancy




















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