❀ 2015 and Beyond

As we look back at 2015 several things come to mind as outstanding. The flowerbed plantings are firmly established to the point volunteers no longer needed to carry water or string hoses across streets to sustain new plants. As gardeners know, the maintenance is never ending. We’ve learned that some plants may not thrive in the challenging conditions present on the medians and the weeds need periodic plucking. The good news is that the flowerbeds are now mature and attracting attention. Public feedback in emails and personal comments while volunteers are working have been “they are beautiful” and “thank you”. This is heartwarming!

Molly Clark joined the Conservancy this summers our volunteer coordinator, and has already moved forward with her first event. We look forward to her participation in 2016. As demonstrated by the lovely flowerbeds, we have a wonderful, dedicated, and talented group of volunteers. THANK YOU! Please consider volunteering in 2016. You may contact Molly Clark by responding in the “Comment” section on this web page.

The Ridgway Scenic Overlook preliminary construction
 is complete. The latest word from the Park Board is that the opening
will take place this coming spring. Part of the Conservancy’s bylaws is the oversight of connecting parkways. Several members of the Conservancy Board actively participated in this regard in the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board’s planning process for Ridgway.

We attended meetings and provided input, speaking before the Board of Commissioners entreating them to include the restoration of the prairie and to limit the footprint and hard surfaces on the overlook site. We thank the Board of Commissioners for approving the restoration of the prairie (the planting took place last fall). We also thank Liz Wielinski, our Commissioner and president of the Board of Commissioners, for her continued support.

The Conservancy has received a letter of response from Park Board Commissioner Jayne Miller, dated December 8, stating corrections will be made to the Park Board Grand Rounds Missing Link Master Plan, and other associated documents to reflect the Board of Commissioner’s action September 3, 2008 removing Stinson Parkway from the Grand Rounds Missing Link for a bicycle path on the medians.

Plans for 2016

We hope to make revisions to the 2200 median bed. Some of the flowering shrubs and perennials have not thrived and will be replaced by pollinator-friendly hardy native plants. The roses in the 2500 median bed have been plagued by Japanese beetles and disease. Even though they are hardy shrub roses, we have found they are not quite up to the conditions on the median. This spring we will install pollinator-friendly perennials. The 2700 median bed has been a champ and only requires a few adjustments this spring.

Our plans will not only add to the beauty of Northeast, but also the environment by providing pollinator-friendly habitat. Please join our effort. All that is required hand tools for digging in the dirt.

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