Winter Watch 2018

Snow covers the parkways, but our gardens still show signs of activity. We purposely do not clear off all of the dead plants and grasses in the fall–they provide vital food and habitat for many birds. The famous Northeast turkeys strut through regularly and hopefully they will not eat all of the azalea buds that set on the bushes last fall!

This past summer, the gardens on the 2200 block and 2700 matured to the point where we had to prune and split some of the perennials. The pollinator bed on the 2500 block filled in nicely and was humming with bees.  (Sadly some Japanese beetles, with their voracious appetites, visited as well, but that is nature!)

Thank you to all our volunteers who weeded, transported mulch, and spread mulch this past year.  A big thank you to the Quarry Home Depot who once again, donated mulch.

Looking forward to working in the dirt with our volunteers in a few months.  In the meantime, enjoy the slower pace of winter.

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