❀ About the Conservancy

Stinson Parkway, with its majestic trees and developing garden boulevards, is home to the Stinson Parkway Conservancy. Together, neighbors and friends work to preserve and enrich the beauty of the open space and the variety of plant life cultivated there.  Most though not all of our volunteer gardeners live in the neighborhoods surrounding the Parkway.

The Conservancy is located on a National Scenic Byway known as the Grand Rounds, a more than 50-mile route through green space created by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.  Stinson Parkway flourishes as a highlight of the route and is the pride of its surrounding communities.

A wide variety of trees have been planted and maintained by Park and Recreation staff, while Conservancy volunteers meet periodically to plant flowers and shrubs, many of which are contributed by local businesses and other organizations.  Our gardeners, neighbors and friends of all ages, also gather to celebrate the work and the beauty we nurture together in this, a local treasure.